Hair Update: Black to Purple Ombre

It was time I went to a salon. In my Bleached Hair Horror Story, I talked about how I’ve been dyeing my own hair since last year. This time, I wanted to get a haircut, so I thought I might as well get my hair dyed as well by a professional. My hair was already super light, so I knew they wouldn’t have to bleach it, plus I wanted an ombre so my blocky roots would blend in to my color beautifully.

For the hairstyle, I wanted bangs again, but instead of my old thick micro bangs, I wanted a more wispy, Korean inspired style, but I still wanted it short and edgy. I didn’t know if that was a good mix, but I ended up really liking it. Then she put some layers in my hair cause she said I had thick hair, to which I was like, “lol really?” because I thought by now my hair was already thinner because of so much damage.

So then yeah, I left it all in her hands! She’s @vivid.panda on Instagram by the way, really cool person. We bonded over Grimes and anime conventions. She used Arctic Fox’s Purple Rain and Violet Dream. Here’s the end result:

Photo Aug 13, 12 50 26 AM

Photo Aug 13, 12 59 31 AMPhoto Aug 13, 1 07 19 AM.png2016-08-12 19insta.jpg

Ta-da!!! I love it the more I look at it. It’s so cute, but still keeping an edge. Perfect mix because I can never decide.

Do you like crazy colors or are you more about that natural look? Bangs or no bangs? What’s your dream hair? Let me know, I love talking about hair!!!

Thanks for reading.



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