[Review] ColourPop Ultra Glossy Lips

Let’s face it. I love Colourpop. So here I am, back with another review. Last time I reviewed their eyeshadows, today, I’m about to review their newly released lip glosses.

If you’re thinking, “Ummmm, lip gloss? What are you? 12??”

chill ok. Lip glosses are back and trendy. A lot of high end brands have released lip glosses including NARS, YSL, Urban Decay, Marc Jacobs. And no, they don’t look like those squeezable plastic tubes you get from Claire’s lol; they come with lovely packaging and applicators.

I’ve got 8 different shades from ColourPop ($6 each), so let’s check it out! Swatch time, prepare from some close ups of my MOUTH.

♥ Creme:


I really like this color. It’s nude but it still gives you lips. I always wanted nude lipstick, but I could never get myself to enjoy the matte ones.


This is literally so cute. I love this color, definitely that girl-next-door vibe. The name Bestie fits it so well.

Finder’s Keepers

This color is very close to my natural lip color. I could wear this everyday!

Master Plan

This is a darker, slightly more purple, version of the shade above (Finder’s Keepers). This looks edgy but not too intimidating!


Tokyo Tea

When I first put this on I was like “wtf no.” Haha, this color is something I’d wear in a parallel universe. I never got used to bright colors on my lips, but I decided to buy this for fun. It’s definitely out there, but I actually ended up liking it when I only put a small amount and spread it around my lips, making it brighter and not washed out.


My Jam

I really like this. I thought I would hate it, but nope, I like this. I feel like a superstar. I’ve been obsessing over glittery makeup lately and I didn’t realize it until I put this on.


OH MY GOD. YES. This shade is beeaaaauuutiful! It’s like a sparkly berry. I’m really liking how the rose and gold look together! This is probably my favorite one out of the ones I got.
Here’s just an extra picture of when I tried to remove Wolfie. The tint and the gold sparkles stayed on, and I think it’s so cute and pretty too.



This shade looks waaaay darker in the tube. But since it’s sheer, it just tints your lips a bit darker.


I love the formula of these lip glosses. It’s definitely not like those tacky and sticky glosses I had back in 2001. This stays on comfortably and doesn’t move. They are so smooth. Whenever I lick my lips with these on, they just slide smoothly without budging the color. However, they eventually do fade out through the day, especially if you eat, but reapplying is so easy because it’s a bit sheer compared to liquid lipsticks. It doesn’t really have a scent, just a tiny bit like glue, which is a bit disappointing.

To be honest, I DON’T think this is a must have. It’s fun, and nice to have a few shades, but I wouldn’t go buying all the shades, unless all you wear is lip gloss. It’s $6, which is affordable, but also the same price as their Ultra Matte Lips. So, it’s up to you whether you value lip gloss the same as their liquid lipstick.

That’s my thoughts, thanks for reading.


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