[Review] BECCA x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette

I’ve never had any BECCA products before, but this palette has so much hype. I went to Sephora yesterday to look at the palette and there were 2 boxes left on the shelf. I went around the store to think about my life choices and when I got back to the BECCA aisle, the 2 boxes were gone. Good thing a sales associate saw me and got some more at the back. She told me, “You should totally get it.” So I got it. (wow I’m so easily persuaded)

Anyway, here we go. Retailed for $52, let’s see if it’s worth it.


I really like the case of this palette! It feels extremely sturdy while closing/opening effortlessly. The white and gold is perfect, making it feel luxurious. Also, it’s the perfect size, for sure portable!


This palette comes with 3 blushes and two highlighters.

Blushes:Rosé Spritz (soft peachy pink with pale gold shimmer), Amaretto (matte toasted almond), Pamplemousse (matte warm coral pink).”
Highlighters:Champagne Pop (soft white gold with pinky peach undertones), Prosecco Pop (medium warm gold).”

Testing time!


Champagne Pop is literally everyone’s #holygrail right now. It’s the reason why I even looked into this palette after my friend introduced it to me. It looks so good in real life when it catches the light in different angles, ahhhh!!

Here’s me messing around with the highlighter and MAN, look at the light reflection.

2016-07-03 21

Like wtf, this is blinding but I like.

So how do I feel overall? I’m very pleased with this palette. Usually, my blush just fades away sometime during the day, but this stuff STAYS. I used the combination of Champagne Pop, Amaretto, and Rose Spritz this morning. I went to church at 11 am, and then I went to an outdoor outlet mall in freaking Texas summer weather. I was sweating so much and trying on clothes, but when I got home at around 6pm, it was still on! I can’t wait to use this more.

If you’re looking for hella good lookin’ cheekbones, I’m telling you now, get it before it’s gone! It’s limited edition, already sold out on the Sephora website, so gotta look in store.

Iffy about the price? Think about it, $52 for THREE blushes and TWO highlighters. Yes. It’s worth it, don’t worry. Plus, it’s a good amount of product in there, and it’s highly pigmented so you only need a bit. It will definitely last a long time.

Well, that’s my review! Also, this is not sponsored, but hey BECCA, hmu, loljk.

Thanks for reading! 😀



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