[Review] Etude House’s Tint My Brows Gel

Eyebrows can seriously make a difference in people’s faces. It’s kinda funny though, some people don’t even know that putting makeup on your eyebrows is a thing. To be honest, I didn’t either until high school; I just thought people shaped their eyebrows nicely with wax or tweezers. With the internet, I discovered the serious art form of eyebrows. I’ve been filling in my eyebrows for almost two years now, making sure my eyebrow game is on fleek! (oh man, that sentence kind of makes me cringe, but it describes the eyebrow phenomenon pretty accurately) I swear, whenever I go out of the house without doing my eyebrows I feel like I look like this:


It’s like when you wear a hat every time, then one day, when you leave it at home, you feel bald lol. So yeah…. Totally obsessed with eyebrows right now.

Etude House, a popular Korean cosmetics brand, has a new product that’s got people talking. It’s an eyebrow tint that’s supposed to stay on like a tattoo, but not permanently. I’ve tried it out to see it’s effects!


It comes as a gel (I got color #3 Gray Brown). Basically, you draw on the eyebrow shape you want with it and leave the gel on for 2 hours or more. Then you can peel the gel off and viola! You’ve got a new set of eyebrows drawn on. Here’s my process: (close ups….ew)

DSC00797normal browssssDSC00824with the goo (I left it on overnight)

BOOM! It’s so satisfying to peel off lol. Thank goodness it didn’t peel of my actual eyebrows with it.

What I thought:

The first few days were freaking amazing! I usually spend a few minutes on my makeup trying to get my eyebrows right, but maaaaaaan, with this product, I barely had to do anything, it felt so good to wake up and not worry about them. HOWEVER, after about 3-4 days, the Gray Brown color turned brighter into kind of a honey brown. It bothered me, so I ended up starting to draw over it with my brow pencil. Although that defeated the purpose, it still made doing my eyebrows a lot faster since I had sort of a guide to trace over, also I didn’t have to use as much product. At the time I got a hold of this product, I couldn’t find information on how long it lasted, but after trying it, I found out that it stayed on me for about 6 days, while using my normal skin care and makeup routine with it.

Overall, pretty cool product to try, but would I repurchase? Probs not. I’m not super crazy over it. It’s kind of a hassle to put on, and when it faded to an orange-y color, it was not cute. Maybe good to use if you want to go swimming the next day and want to have filled in eyebrows, but other than that, I think I’m okay drawing them on myself when I need it.

Do you think it’s worth the hype?


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