[Review] Lime Crime’s VENUS: The Grunge Palette

I’ve had my eye on this eyeshadow palette since it was first teased on Doe Deere’s (creator of Lime Crime brand) Instagram a few years ago. I’m quite new to makeup, so I don’t have any palettes except for little freebies from my mom’s Lancome and Clinique bags. However, when I saw the concept for the Venus palette, I fell in love. The Mash Botticelli painting mixed with 90s grunge vibes? Heck yes! If that’s not me, then I don’t know what is. I put it off for a while but eventually bought it late last year when it was on sale. Now that I’ve been using it for a few months, here’s my review:

Let’s start of with the packaging, because all I have to say is “wow”. I think it’s absolutely pleasing to look at and makes me feel so cool just knowing that I possess it. It even comes with a magnetic cover and a mirror inside!

2016-05-06 0052016-05-06 0042016-05-06 003

The Venus palette comes in 8 shades of neutrals and reddish colors.

2016-05-06 00

Here’s the swatches. They’re so pigmented!

2016-05-06 002

I love to use “divine” for my everyday look. I think “icon” is great for lining around your eyes. I also like to use “aura” for my inner corners, it really makes it glow. Although they are really pigmented, I feel like it’s really chalky and doesn’t blend very well when I put it on so sometimes I have trouble blending when I use the darker colors.

Finally, here’s a look I’ve put together using the Venus palette!

2016-05-06 007

Final verdict? I love this palette, and I don’t regret buying it at all. I recommend it to anyone looking for some frickin’ edgy eyeshadow. I will warn you, be prepared to look like you’re tired and sick with these red colors. It’s not your typical beauty, but in my opinion, the “rough” look has an effortless beauty in its own. Originally it was sold for $42, but now you can get it for $32 on their website.

It’s angstyyy, sad, and fearsome. It’s grunge.


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