Psylocke Cosplay Tutorial

Last year in San Japan, I cosplayed as Marvel’s Psylocke. A lot of people came up to me and said they liked my cosplay, but followed with the question, “who?” Unless you’ve played Marvel vs Capcom 2, like I did growing up, or happens to be really into the Marvel Universe, you probably don’t know who Psylocke is. However, with her appearance in the latest X-Men movie, X-men: Apocalypse, I feel like more people should be able to recognize her now.


Funny story, last year as I was waiting in line to watch the cosplay contest at San Japan, this guy went up to me, looked me right in the eye, while pointing at me and said, “Storm, right?” I literally almost died laughing. I will never forget how serious he was. After I explained that I was Psylocke, he followed with, “Dang, they told me the wrong name.” I applaud him for the effort, and I will never forget that moment.

However, it was the true nerds that knew who I was. I went to the Nerdcore Comedy show the night before dressed as Psylocke. The main comedian mentions to applaud all the cosplayers that put effort that night, and he specifically mentioned me! Well, along the lines of “There’s a Psylocke over there…Yeah, she’d never talk to me,” joking about his nerdy appearance and inability to pick up girls. The room followed with laughter, and I didn’t know whether to be embarrassed or flattered.

Now I’ve shared my memories with this cosplay, enough about me, more about how I made it, which is probably why you’re here anyway. I was unable to record my process, but I will do my best to explain how it was done. If an amateur like me finished it in a week, I’m sure you’ll have no problem. Because I have no pictures, please bear with me, but I will do my best to explain. If you have any questions, leave it in the comments, and I’d be happy to help.

References I used:


What you need:

  • Packaging/Duct Tape
  • Plastic wrap (steal some from your mom’s kitchen)
  • Scissors
  • Sharpie
  • Stretch Vinyl (I recommend a 4 way stretch from I used the color Royal, but I’ve seen Psylocke cosplays with darker colors.)
  • Zipper
  • Heels (cause you wanna be sexy)
  • Felt


  1. Get in your underwear, preferably the one’s you’ll wear when you cosplay.
  2. Wrap your body with plastic wrap, this will be a barrier for your skin when you put tape.
  3. Cover the plastic wrap with packaging/duct tape, try not to get it on your skin. IT might be best to have a friend help you. If you have no friends like me, just…do your best lol.
  4. Get your sharpie and outline on the tape how you want your costume to look and where the seams will be.
  5. Cut the plastic & tape from on the seams you outlined to get it off your body.
  6. Cut the excess plastic and tape outside the outlined areas. This will now be your cheap ass pattern, custom fit for you.
  7. Lay your “pattern” on the back of the stretch vinyl and trace with a sharpie/pen, then make another outline just 1/2 inches away on the parts you’re going to sew (such as the sides, shoulders, neck, etc, depending on how you want it to look).
  8. Cut out the pieces and sew the edges together.
  9. Cut the middle back of the bodysuit for the zipper.
  10. You can hand sew the zipper if you’d like, or what I did was first glue the zipper to the vinyl, then sew it when it was dry so that it’d stay in place.
  11. For the turtle neck thing I did, I just cut a long strip of vinyl and sewed it around to the neck part of my bodysuit and put velcro on the back. You could do this before your zipper and just make the zipper go all the way up, which I wish I thought of before I made my cosplay last year.


  1. Put on those heels.
  2. Wrap your heels and legs with plastic wrap and tape it as well, similar to the bodysuit process.
  3. Cut the plastic and tape off down the back and front.
  4. Use this pattern to make vinyl socks that fits your feet with heels on.
  5. If you didn’t cover it perfectly, don’t worry. You can easily hand sew certain parts or glue some vinyl to cover other parts (I glued on pieces of vinyl to cover the spiky heel part of my shoes).
  6. If you have felt or some sort of padding, cut out some to fit the sole of your shoes and glue it on. It will help so you don’t slip off on the slippery hotel floors of the convention.


  1. Extremely simple, just cut rectangles of vinyl that will wrap around your arms.
  2. Sew the long edges together, making a tube-like thingy.
  3. Cut the bottom part into a triangle shape that connects to your middle finger.
  4. Make a ring out of vinyl or use an elastic to connect to that triangle shape.


  1. I just used the wig pretty much as it was.
  2. Only hair sprayed the front to give it more volume and to keep a side part in the hair.
  3. Please comb your hair, unlike me.


Makeup is really up to your creativity. I would focus on the colors red and purple for her eye make up and lips. Give her some fierce brows and eyeliner. Don’t forget your false lashes, it makes a difference in pictures. Also contour, because she is a comic book character, her features are very sharp. She’s portrayed as a mysterious beautiful psychic ninja type of thing, show it in your makeup.

♦ An optional detail you could put is the red tattoo on her face which she gains with her new powers from the Crimson Dawn.

I really wish I could’ve cosplayed her in this year’s San Japan now that my makeup skills have gotten better, oh well.

Well, that should be the main points of it! Each picture I see of her has a different detail of some sort, so I encourage you to explore the possibilities.

There are many ways to create Psylocke’s costume, but this is the way I did it. Whether people thought I was some space hooker or a part of Mortal Kombat, people wanted to take pictures with me and said I was cool, even a little kid yelled “NINJAAAA!!!” and asked his mom to get a picture of us together, which was adorable. Not only that, comic book fans will appreciate you so much since she’s not cosplayed very frequently. A man passed by me in the convention, turned around, looked at me, and said “wow, that’s really accurate,” and took a picture. It really makes me happy when people and other cosplayers enjoy the effort you put.


Do you cosplay? What’s your favorite character to do? Or, who would you like to do? Halloween is coming up, maybe you’d like to try it?

The beauty of conventions is that there’s no judgement. People love what you love and just want to celebrate it.



Hair Update: Black to Purple Ombre

It was time I went to a salon. In my Bleached Hair Horror Story, I talked about how I’ve been dyeing my own hair since last year. This time, I wanted to get a haircut, so I thought I might as well get my hair dyed as well by a professional. My hair was already super light, so I knew they wouldn’t have to bleach it, plus I wanted an ombre so my blocky roots would blend in to my color beautifully.

For the hairstyle, I wanted bangs again, but instead of my old thick micro bangs, I wanted a more wispy, Korean inspired style, but I still wanted it short and edgy. I didn’t know if that was a good mix, but I ended up really liking it. Then she put some layers in my hair cause she said I had thick hair, to which I was like, “lol really?” because I thought by now my hair was already thinner because of so much damage.

So then yeah, I left it all in her hands! She’s @vivid.panda on Instagram by the way, really cool person. We bonded over Grimes and anime conventions. She used Arctic Fox’s Purple Rain and Violet Dream. Here’s the end result:

Photo Aug 13, 12 50 26 AM

Photo Aug 13, 12 59 31 AMPhoto Aug 13, 1 07 19 AM.png2016-08-12 19insta.jpg

Ta-da!!! I love it the more I look at it. It’s so cute, but still keeping an edge. Perfect mix because I can never decide.

Do you like crazy colors or are you more about that natural look? Bangs or no bangs? What’s your dream hair? Let me know, I love talking about hair!!!

Thanks for reading.



[Review] ColourPop Ultra Glossy Lips

Let’s face it. I love Colourpop. So here I am, back with another review. Last time I reviewed their eyeshadows, today, I’m about to review their newly released lip glosses.

If you’re thinking, “Ummmm, lip gloss? What are you? 12??”

chill ok. Lip glosses are back and trendy. A lot of high end brands have released lip glosses including NARS, YSL, Urban Decay, Marc Jacobs. And no, they don’t look like those squeezable plastic tubes you get from Claire’s lol; they come with lovely packaging and applicators.

I’ve got 8 different shades from ColourPop ($6 each), so let’s check it out! Swatch time, prepare from some close ups of my MOUTH.

♥ Creme:


I really like this color. It’s nude but it still gives you lips. I always wanted nude lipstick, but I could never get myself to enjoy the matte ones.


This is literally so cute. I love this color, definitely that girl-next-door vibe. The name Bestie fits it so well.

Finder’s Keepers

This color is very close to my natural lip color. I could wear this everyday!

Master Plan

This is a darker, slightly more purple, version of the shade above (Finder’s Keepers). This looks edgy but not too intimidating!


Tokyo Tea

When I first put this on I was like “wtf no.” Haha, this color is something I’d wear in a parallel universe. I never got used to bright colors on my lips, but I decided to buy this for fun. It’s definitely out there, but I actually ended up liking it when I only put a small amount and spread it around my lips, making it brighter and not washed out.


My Jam

I really like this. I thought I would hate it, but nope, I like this. I feel like a superstar. I’ve been obsessing over glittery makeup lately and I didn’t realize it until I put this on.


OH MY GOD. YES. This shade is beeaaaauuutiful! It’s like a sparkly berry. I’m really liking how the rose and gold look together! This is probably my favorite one out of the ones I got.
Here’s just an extra picture of when I tried to remove Wolfie. The tint and the gold sparkles stayed on, and I think it’s so cute and pretty too.



This shade looks waaaay darker in the tube. But since it’s sheer, it just tints your lips a bit darker.


I love the formula of these lip glosses. It’s definitely not like those tacky and sticky glosses I had back in 2001. This stays on comfortably and doesn’t move. They are so smooth. Whenever I lick my lips with these on, they just slide smoothly without budging the color. However, they eventually do fade out through the day, especially if you eat, but reapplying is so easy because it’s a bit sheer compared to liquid lipsticks. It doesn’t really have a scent, just a tiny bit like glue, which is a bit disappointing.

To be honest, I DON’T think this is a must have. It’s fun, and nice to have a few shades, but I wouldn’t go buying all the shades, unless all you wear is lip gloss. It’s $6, which is affordable, but also the same price as their Ultra Matte Lips. So, it’s up to you whether you value lip gloss the same as their liquid lipstick.

That’s my thoughts, thanks for reading.


We Saw Animals

There was a girl named Donna.
She was a wanderer.
Sometimes, she travels too far, and get’s lost.
But she met friends,
so they travel together.
They look at the world.
Sometimes it’s strange.
Sometimes it’s cute.
Sometimes it’s big.
Sometimes it’s too tall.
The gorilla told us to keep going.
We found shelter,
and more friends.
We also found that sometimes,
the world is fun.
2016-07-20 09.39
Thanks for reading.



Top – Zara / Shorts – ASOS / Watch – Fossil / Socks – Forever 21 / Shoes – Adidas / Bag – Kate Spade

Photo credit: Hang Ha


YumeTwins Unboxing – July 2016

YumeTwins is a kawaii (meaning “cute”) monthly box from Tokyo. It focuses on plushies, accessories, and other knick-knacks.

I saw an ad on Instagram, and it really caught my eye. So after looking through their website, I ended up ordering myself a box! C’mon! How could I resist anything cute and Japanese?? This is their 2nd box, and it’s Sanrio themed.

But I actually almost forgot I ordered this, hahaha, so it was a great surprise for me after I got home from work. They say that they “target all boxes to arrive between 20th-28th of each month,” but I got it yesterday, July 8th, yay!

Here we go, let’s check out what’s inside.

I love the design of this box; it makes me happy. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
I literally SCREAMED. No joke. Too many cute stuff at once.
Left to right top: My Melody Memo Pad, Harajuku Kawaii Bracelet, Harajuku Princess Tiara, Hello Kitty Plush, Shinada Poodle Plush
Bottom: Hello Kitty Randoseru Charm, Hello Kitty Socks, Hello Kitty Pouch, YumeTwins July 2016 booklet
I also screamed when I opened the box cause I thought it was a black sheep which made me so happy, but it turns out it’s a poodle. That’s okay, I still think it’s super cute.
lol, these are some really cheap looking accessories. It reminds me of my childhood, though. When I was a kid my mom would take me to the flea market in the Philippines, and she’d buy me some cheap toys/accessories while we were there. I think these are good for Harajuku fashion because a lot of them pile a bunch of accessories together.
Sanrio stuffs!!!
I like this pouch. I might use it as a makeup bag in my purse.
These socks crack me up. The ears and arms of Hello Kitty are sticking out lmao. I was so glad to see this because I am obsessed with socks.
I don’t know who the artist is, but the art style for this cover is really distinct and adorable! If you know, let me know lol.
Inside the booklet they have a catalog of all the items you could’ve gotten. I was actually surprised because most monthly boxes send out the same things, but this one has different designs of each thing you get.
This is my entry for their July photo contest!! Yay for old cosplay wig, finally come in use once again. hope i win ( ⌇ຶ  Д ⌇ຶ ) #harajukuprincess


It was a total of $20.39 for my first box because they had a 40% off promo, but normal price would end up around $30. That may be kind of pricey for something you don’t know what’s going to be in it, but if you’re obsessed with cute little trinkets like me, it may not be so bad. I’m definitely happy with what I got. I’m actually really excited and might order another box. I’ve tried Loot Crate and ipsy last year for a few months, but I was never as excited as I was with this. I thought I would never subscribe to a monthly box again, but this has rekindled my hope. Or…… I just like to hoard anything a five year old Asian girl would want, ha.

Are you subscribed to any boxes? If so, which ones? or which ones would you like to subscribe to?


[Review] BECCA x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette

I’ve never had any BECCA products before, but this palette has so much hype. I went to Sephora yesterday to look at the palette and there were 2 boxes left on the shelf. I went around the store to think about my life choices and when I got back to the BECCA aisle, the 2 boxes were gone. Good thing a sales associate saw me and got some more at the back. She told me, “You should totally get it.” So I got it. (wow I’m so easily persuaded)

Anyway, here we go. Retailed for $52, let’s see if it’s worth it.


I really like the case of this palette! It feels extremely sturdy while closing/opening effortlessly. The white and gold is perfect, making it feel luxurious. Also, it’s the perfect size, for sure portable!


This palette comes with 3 blushes and two highlighters.

Blushes:Rosé Spritz (soft peachy pink with pale gold shimmer), Amaretto (matte toasted almond), Pamplemousse (matte warm coral pink).”
Highlighters:Champagne Pop (soft white gold with pinky peach undertones), Prosecco Pop (medium warm gold).”

Testing time!


Champagne Pop is literally everyone’s #holygrail right now. It’s the reason why I even looked into this palette after my friend introduced it to me. It looks so good in real life when it catches the light in different angles, ahhhh!!

Here’s me messing around with the highlighter and MAN, look at the light reflection.

2016-07-03 21

Like wtf, this is blinding but I like.

So how do I feel overall? I’m very pleased with this palette. Usually, my blush just fades away sometime during the day, but this stuff STAYS. I used the combination of Champagne Pop, Amaretto, and Rose Spritz this morning. I went to church at 11 am, and then I went to an outdoor outlet mall in freaking Texas summer weather. I was sweating so much and trying on clothes, but when I got home at around 6pm, it was still on! I can’t wait to use this more.

If you’re looking for hella good lookin’ cheekbones, I’m telling you now, get it before it’s gone! It’s limited edition, already sold out on the Sephora website, so gotta look in store.

Iffy about the price? Think about it, $52 for THREE blushes and TWO highlighters. Yes. It’s worth it, don’t worry. Plus, it’s a good amount of product in there, and it’s highly pigmented so you only need a bit. It will definitely last a long time.

Well, that’s my review! Also, this is not sponsored, but hey BECCA, hmu, loljk.

Thanks for reading! 😀



[Review & Giveaway] ColourPop Eyeshadows

While I was at work last week, my coworker went up to me and said, “Colourpop is having a flash sale RIGHT NOW!” Then, we literally both went on our phones straight to the website, sorry manager.

If you haven’t heard of Colourpop, it’s a makeup brand well known for its lipsticks. It’s seriously all over Instagram, and for good reason. Not only do they have such a variety of good quality products and colors, but they’re also super affordable! I’m basically obsessed.

I have a few of their lip products, but today I’m going to be reviewing their eyeshadows. The sale last week went from 4-8pm PST with 20% off all of their eyeshadows, so it was basically $4 per color! How could I resist???

I received my package yesterday, here we go:


OKAY, FIRST, CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW ADORABLE THIS BOX IS? It’s wrapped with foam and comes with a cute note! The note is mass produced, but that’s okay. I still feel loved. In my experience from previous purchases, they usually write your name on the note, but I think because there were a lot of orders from the sale, they didn’t have time for that lol.


These are the colors I chose. I chose the green ones because I don’t really have nice green eyeshadow colors, so I wanted to give it a try.


WOW, first off, these are pigmented as heck. Tassel is giving me unicorn realness. Eye candy is just so cute! It reminds me of lip gloss, but for your eyes? Belladonna lily, lets be honest, I got it cause it has my name on it. It looks matte compared to others, but it still has some shimmer in there. I love the cute pastel vibes these three give me.

Flower shop is metallic green; it’s like badass forest fairy queen. Rex is amazing. I feel like I’m staring into the galaxy with this color! I love it. Bae is seriously bae. I think I can see myself using this color a lot in the future because it’s somewhat neutral. Envy is lovely, I’m sure I’ll use it on my edgy days for a smokey eye.


When I swatched these eyeshadows, I was actually surprised that it was a creamy texture. I imagined it being powdery/chalky like most eyeshadow palettes I own, but this was soft and super easy to apply, even without primer. Plus, it blends so well, I don’t have to put so much effort. I guess the only downside though is that I can’t really use an eyeshadow brush with it. My brush didn’t seem to pick up much product, probably because of the creamy consistency. It picked up a little bit and I was able to use the brush to blend, but overall, using my fingers seemed to work the best.

FINAL VERDICT: I must say I really love this. I can’t wait to test out more looks with it! I definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to expand their eyeshadow collection.




Sooooooooooooooooooo…..In the hype of the flash sale, I accidentally bought two of Rex, and I didn’t realize till yesterday OOPS. Anyway, I was going to keep it because I like the color so much, but I also found this as an opportunity to share, yay!

It’s just one eyeshadow color, but hey, it’s free. To join, just like and comment on this post, then follow my blog. You can comment anything from banana to why you love makeup.

It’ll end Sunday, July 10. I’ll notify the winner and probably ship it on Monday. 😀